Project Alpaca

Logo, Branding/ID

Project Alpaca is a New York City based non-profit that provides students with developmental workshops and dedicated mentors who guide them through their first milestones in establishing their career. A new logo and identity system was developed based on existing brand tone and identifiable needs.

The Alpaca

Project Alpaca had an existing logo that was handrawn and full of character but lacked a bit of the formality and structure the organization found itself graduating into as it matured past its initial founding years.

A new logo and base identity system was needed that presented a more professional outward appearance while maintaining the organizations original playfulness and brand tone.

Custom alpacas were created to represent the diversity of the organization. Project Alpaca mentors are referred to as “Alpacas” and mentees as “Alpacees”, respectively.

While the outfits and hairstyles are interchangeable, the eyeglasses remain constant throughout the system to tie the brand together and reinforce the educational mission of the organization.

Old Meets New
Thematic Color System

The original brand colors were (mostly) kept on, dusted off, refined, renamed thematically, and reimagined into a complimentary system based on color theory with additional scales, highlights, and lowlights.

A Flexible Identity

A brief but deliberate brand guide was established to outline the new colors, typography, logos, alpacas, illustrations, and how everything should/could play together.

In the Wild

Example applications were spun up to provide real world context and to inspire the brand caretakers to take over and have fun with it.

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